Breast Surgery in Thailand

Are you looking for breast surgery in Thailand? No need to look any further. ThailandFacebody can make you look better. We offer affordable prices and best surgeons with many years of experience. Have a question about something? Been wondering about breast enlargement procedure for years, but never had the courage to ask about it? Ask us! We are here to help make you look better and feel the better, too.

Breast Lift Thailand

breast-lift-thailand-cost 260 230

Breast Reduction

breast-reduction-thailand-cost 260 230

Breast Augmentation


Facial Surgery in Thailand

Are you planning to have a new look? Are you looking for a holiday? There is nothing better than going on holiday and coming home with a younger and better look. Facial surgery is one of the most popular procedures; which include: facelift, forehead lift, nose job, eyelid, and non-surgical procedures such as Botox, filler, and thread lift. Facial procedures require little downtime. This is why we recommend you to get surgery on your holiday here in Thailand. It is probably cheaper than undergoing surgery in your own country; furthermore, you can explore the great country of Thailand.

Face Lift



Nose Reduction


Nose Augmentation


Forehead Lift

forehead lift cost thailand


Upper Eyelid Surgery


Lower Eyelid Surgeryr


Body Surgery in Thailand

Are you getting tired of working out, not eating your favorite foods, and still, not seeing the progress? Sometimes diet and exercise will not shift stubborn areas of fat. Need help? We have many procedures that help you to treat your stubborn areas; such as, liposuction, lipectomy, body lift, and tummy tuck. They help you to remove excess fat and skin. In most cases, they help restore weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer.

Liposuction BodyTite


Body Lift


Tummy Tuck


Non-Surgical in Thailand

Non surgical procedures are one of the best choices for people who are scared to undergo surgery—which requires significant recovery time and can be painful. Non surgical procedures are very safe. They require little downtime, and the result is very impressive.

Botox Thailand

botox-thailand-cost 260 230

Mesotherapy Thailand

mesotherapy-thailand-cost 260 230

The Filler Thailand

filler-thailand-cost 260 230