Our Patients

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TailandFacebody has been performing a variety of surgical procedures, from reconstruction from horrible accidents, to cosmetic procedures that leave ….

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Le Vira Clinic

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Le Vira Clinic is known as a provider of life-enhancing treatments to help you feel and look your best. Levira Clinic brings you the expertise …

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Phayathai Hospital

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Phyathai Hospital is a group of 8 hospitals, with established name as a leading health care provider to both local and international clients …

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Bangkok9 Hospital


Bangpakok Hospital Group’s journey for over three decades has been marketed by a clear understanding of local and international patient and provide  ….

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Ekachi Hospital

Ekachi hospital

Ekachai Hospital was established in October 2004 and ready for operation on 29 March 2006, Under a team of highly – qualified  …. 

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