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For over 20 years, our Plastic Surgeons in Bangkok, Thailand have been performing a variety of surgical procedures, from reconstruction from horrible accidents, to cosmetic procedures that leave our patients feeling much happier.

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Why you should choose Thailandfacebody?

Thailand has witnessed a rapid increase in foreigners demand for plastic surgery and beauty services during the recent years. The language barrier, culture differences and many other obstacles made it difficult for both medical tourists and Thailand great surgeons and beauty specialists to communicate. Many travelers seeking a facelift, a breast augmentation or a liposuction wonder where to find best surgeons, affordable prices and good services, Thailandfacebody is here to help you about that. In addition to our world class medical services, Thailandfacebody strives to assist you in the best way possible by providing you with the all the necessary for your trip to Thailand and Plastic Surgery in Thailand

You can expect us to provide you with:

• Free online consultation with the surgeons and specialists to decide about your surgery.
• Making Appointment.
• Free cost quotation for your selective procedures to estimate your costs even before flying over.
• Friendly English speaking staff assistance with surgeons and hospitals.
• Transportation from airport & hotels.
• Discounts for your surgeries and hospital costs.
• Special promotions on airplaine tickets, hotels and tours.
• Keep in touch with you after surgery help you for a better and quicker recovery.

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